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The Mission Police Department is located at 1200 E. 8th St., Mission, Texas. It employs over 197 employees and has a 24 hour Operating Patrol Bureau.

The Mission Police Department is encompassed by various branches which are implemented to attain the overall mission of the organization. Each branch consists of motivated police officers who support and are generally concerned for the entire community and its well being.



20th Annual National Night Out

Hosted by Mission Crime Stoppers
and the Mission Police Department
At Leo Pena Park.
(across from the H.E.B. Food Store on the 800 block of Conway Ave.)
Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
From 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

This event is the largest Crime Prevention Event held in Western Hidalgo County, information to deter crime. Free information will be provided by Social Services, Organizations, and Public Service Agencies. There will be free entertainment, music, games, free school supplies, face painting, and food.

For more information contact:
Inv. Ortega (956) 458-9046

Danger: Kids Left in Hot Cars

Every summer, heartbreaking and preventable deaths happen when children are left alone in hot cars. These cases happen when kids are left unattended in a hot car -- sometimes because the driver forgot the child was there -- or when kids get into unlocked cars without any adult knowing it happened. Within minutes, they can be in danger. Heat stroke may occur when body temperature passes 104 degrees Fahrenheit. That overwhelms the brain's temperature control, causing symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, an/or death. If you see a child alone in a hot vehicle, call 911 immediately.

Mission Police Auction.
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